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Spotify Playlist Titles: 100+ List, Greatest, Entertaining, Nice, and Esthetic Playlist Titles

Spotify Playlist Titles: 100+ List, Greatest, Entertaining, Nice, and Esthetic Playlist Titles

If you’re anything like me, then you love music. And if you love music, then there’s a good chance you’re also using Spotify. Spotify is a fantastic platform that allows us to listen to our favorite tunes anytime.

But one thing that can be frustrating about Spotify is coming up with creative and catchy playlist names. So today, I’ve compiled a list of 100+ great Spotify playlist titles that you can use for your playlists.

How To Create A Professional Spotify Playlist Title

When creating your professional Spotify playlist, it is important to have an interesting and catchy title. This will help people find your playlist more efficiently, and it can also help promote your brand. Here are some tips for creating a great Spotify playlist title:

  1. Use keyword research to find popular keywords related to your music genre. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or another similar tool.
  2. Make sure your title is clear and concise. It should be easy for people to understand what your playlist is about at a glance.
  3. Use puns or play on words to create a memorable title that will stick in people’s minds.
  4. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

How Many Songs Should A Playlist Include?

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This is entirely up to you and dependent on the length of the songs. We will say that a playlist should be around an hour-long for our purposes. This gives you plenty of room to add in some extra songs if one of your songs is shorter than expected.

A general guideline for playlist length is 20-25 songs per hour.

The length of a song varies depending on the genre. For example, pop songs are generally shorter than rock songs.

If you want to get specific, here is a chart of the average song length by genre:

  1. Pop: three minutes and thirty seconds
  2. Hip hop/rap: four minutes
  3. Country: four minutes and two seconds
  4. R&B: four minutes and eight seconds
  5. Electronic: five minutes and two seconds
  6. Alternative: five minutes and four seconds
  7. Rock: five minutes and nine seconds.

Now that we have a general idea of how long our playlist should be let’s move on to the next step: finding songs!

Finding Songs

The hardest part of making a playlist is often finding the right songs. Here are a few tips to get you started if you’re drawing a blank.

Think about the mood you want to create with your playlist. Do you want it to be happy? Sad? Relaxing? Upbeat? Once you have an emotion in mind, it will be easier to think of songs that fit.

You can also try thinking of a theme for your playlist. For example, if you’re making a summer playlist, you could include songs referencing the beach, sunshine, or parties. Or, if you’re making a workout playlist, you could look for songs with high BPMs to help keep you motivated.

If you’re still struggling to develop songs, try looking up lists of popular songs in your chosen genre or checking out Spotify’s “Browse” section. You can also ask your friends for recommendations! Once you have a few pieces in mind, it’s time to start building your playlist.

Adding Songs to Your Playlist

Spotify makes it easy to add songs to your playlist. If you’re listening to a piece of music you want to add, simply click the “Add to” button and select the playlist you want to add. You can also drag and drop the song into the playlist if you view it on your desktop.

If you want to add an entire album or artist to a playlist, open up the album or artist page and click the “…” button next to their name. Next, select “Add to Playlist” and choose the playlist you want to add it to. You can also do this from Spotify’s web player by clicking on an album or artist name and selecting “Add To” from their pop-out menu.

Now that we know how long our playlist should be let’s talk about some fun and creative ways to title it!

Here are over one hundred ideas to get you started.

25 Greatest Playlist Titles:

  • “The One with the Best Vibes”
  • “The Essentials”
  • “Songs to Get You Through the Day”
  • “Workout Jams”
  • “Chill Vibes Only”
  • “Road Trip Playlist”
  • “Study Beats”
  • “Shower Songs”
  • “Cooking Music”
  • “(Insert Mood Here)” – e.g., Happy, Sad, etc.
  • The best of [insert music genre]
  • The ultimate [insert music genre] playlist
  • The greatest hits of [insert artist or band]
  • The most popular [insert music genre] songs
  • The best new [insert music genre] songs
  • The most underrated [insert music genre] songs
  • The best [insert music genre] songs of all time
  • The ultimate workout playlist
  • The perfect party playlist
  • Songs to help you study
  • Music to relax/ destress to
  • A mix of old and new favorites
  • Feel-good songs
  • Upbeat songs to dance to
  • Slow, romantic songs

25 Entertaining Playlist Titles:

  • The Office Soundtrack
  • Bored in the House
  • Tik Tok Songs
  • oldies but goodies
  • 90s Hip Hop Jams
  • Workout Motivation
  • Office Beats
  • Chill Vibes Only
  • Road Trip Playlist
  • Light of mix
  • Welcome Happiness
  • Perfect dreams
  • I Dream Of Far Off World
  • You have Call
  • A new Magic
  • Your best rain
  • The Sky Full of Stars
  • Fairyland
  • I Can See The Sun
  • All I Need Is You
  • And So It Begins
  • Beginning of The End
  • This Is Only The Beginning
  • A New Journey
  • The Start Of Something Amazing
  • The First Step Towards greatness

25 Nice Playlist Titles

  • Cute rhythms
  • Soft Monday
  • I Remember You
  • Smile For Me
  • The Day We Met
  • Innocent Love
  • First Kiss
  • Love Letters
  • Soulmate
  • Complicated Love
  • Waiting For You
  • Daydreamer
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Dreaming of You
  • The One That Got Away
  • Text Me One Word
  • Loneliness
  • When I Was Your Man
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Love Yourself
  • Stay With Me
  • We Change
  • Last Afterhours
  • Light Minutes
  • Unbelievable Meeting

25 Esthetic Playlist Titles

If you’re looking for some beautiful and esthetic playlist titles, look no further! Here are 25 of our favorites:

  • “Clouds”
  • “Butterflies”
  • “Sunshine”
  • “Raindrops”
  • “Lilacs”
  • “Daisies”
  • “Tulips”
  • “”Rosemary””
  • “Lavender”
  • “Honeysuckle”
  • “Magnolia Blossoms”    
  • “- Jasmine Flowers”
  • “- Cherry Blossoms”
  • “- Dandelions””
  • “- Bluebell
  • “- Wildflowers”
  • “- Stargazer Lilies”
  • “- Water Lilies”
  • “- Orchids”
  • “- Lotus Flowers”   
  • “- Pink Carnations”
  • “- Scarlet Roses”
  • “- Yellow Daffodils”
  • “- Fresh Roses”
  • “- Invisible Lilly”

Tools For Generation Of Titles For Spotify Playlists

A young woman listens to music with headphones on her smartphone.

If you are having a tough time thinking of good titles for your Spotify playlists, some tools can help.

One such tool is the Spotify Playlist Title Generator. This tool generates random titles for your playlists based on your input keywords.

Another helpful tool is the Spotify Playlist Name Ideas Generator. This tool helps you brainstorm ideas for playlist names based on topics, moods, or genres.

Finally, if you want to get creative with your playlist titles, you can try using a wordplay generator like Wordoid. With Wordoid, you can create made-up words that sound like actual words. These make great playlists names that will stand out from the crowd.

Whether you use one of these tools or come up with your ideas, there are no wrong answers for playlist names.

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