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How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names and New Words?

How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names and New Words?

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Siri is your technical assistant for almost everything on your iOS devices. But at times, you find Siri mispronouncing the words. The problem arises when Siri mispronounces the Names or your contacts on your iPhone. But the iPhone allows you to teach Siri to pronounce new words.

When you get Siri mispronouncing the names or words, you can actually correct it. Here are the steps to teach Siri the pronunciation of your contacts. We will take iPhoneAlley as a name for an example.


  1. Launch SiriBoard: Locate SiriBoard application on your iOS device. It is the app with a recording mike as its icon. SiriBoard is a preinstalled application on your iPhone. So, you won’t have to download it. You can also launch the SiriBoard by pressing and holding the home button on your iPhone. It will directly launch SiriBoard on your device.
  2. Select the voice search option: On its main page of SiriBoard, locate the option for voice search. It is the option with a record icon on your screen. Tap on it to select it. You will see the message, “What can I help you with?” on your screen.
  3. Ask Siri about the contact: Speak, “What is the contact number of iPhoneAlley?” to your iPhone. You can take a contact name; you think Siri has a problem pronouncing. You will get an answer “The contact number of iPhoneAlley is |contact number|”. It will also display the contact details on your screen.
  4. Tell Siri that’s not how you pronounce a word: After you hear Siri mispronouncing the name, speak back to it, “That’s not how you pronounce iPhoneAlley.” It will respond with “OK. How do you pronounce the name?”
  5. Teach Siri its pronunciation: Once Siri asks you the right pronunciation, speak the proper pronunciation to it, “iPhoneAlley”. It will abstract your pronunciation.
  6. Select the corrected pronunciation: Siri will say, “OK, Thank you, which pronunciation should I use?” and will display the same on your screen with 3 different pronunciations from your suggestions.

Tap on each suggestion one by one to play them on device. Select the most appropriate option from the list by tapping on the “Select” button, located on the left of the options separately. It will confirm the selection with a voice message, “Thanks for correcting me on that. I will pronounce it as “iPhoneAlley” from now on.” with the same message on your screen.


So that is how you can stop Siri from mispronouncing the contact names on the iPhone. You can also follow the same method in case you have to correct Siri with the pronunciations of any words. Once you correct Siri for the pronunciation, it will use the corrected pronunciation from then onwards.

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