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How to Make the Infinity Symbol on an iPhone?

How to Make the Infinity Symbol on an iPhone?

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The iPhone keyboard provides you many symbols with its inbuilt features, but the Infinity logo is still missing from the keyboard. It’s not that you cannot use the Infinity symbol on your iPhone, but you can’t really make it on your iPhone either. But you can still use the infinity symbol by adding it to your keywords.

For that, you will have to get the Infinity symbol the Internet and then you can add it to your iPhone keyboard to be able to use it. We have mentioned the steps on how to do that. For a better explanation, we have separated the steps into two sections.

Copy Infinity Symbol


  • Launch browser: Locate and open Safari or your preferred internet browser on iPhone.
  • Search Infinity symbol: Enter in the URL field, located at the top of your browser. It will open the Google homepage. Enter “Infinity Symbol” on the Search field. You will see the Infinity Symbol at the top result.
  • Copy Infinity Symbol: Tap and hold on the symbol. You will see the “Copy” option near the symbol. Capture the Infinity symbol and tap on the Copy option. It will copy the Infinity symbol to the clipboard of your iPhone.

Add Infinity Symbol to your iPhone


  • Launch Settings: Tap on the “Settings”. It is an inbuilt service on your device and has the gear logo as it’s an icon.
  • Tap General: In the settings, you will see many settings option of your phone. Find and click on “General”. It also has the gear icon.
  • Tap Keyboard: You will see several options in the General section. Scroll down and find the “Keyboard” section. Tap on it once you find it. (P.S. When you enter the Keyboard section, make sure you have enabled your “Auto-Correction”, “Check Spelling” and “.” Shortcut. You can enable these options by clicking on them separately. It will show “ON” in a blue color when enabled.)
  • Add New Shortcuts: Clicking on Keyboard will take you to the advanced settings. Find “Add New Shortcuts” and tap on it to open its settings.
  • Create Shortcut For Infinity: In this section, you will see two fields. Phrase and Shortcut. Tap on the Phrase field, hold and press for a few seconds. It will show you the “Paste” option in the phrase field. Tap on it to paste the symbol there. Write “Infinity” in the Shortcut field. Tap on “Save” button; it is located on the top right of your screen. Next time you type “Infinity” on your iPhone, it will automatically put the Infinity symbol on the text. (P.S -You can put any keyword for the “Shortcut” field. We have kept “Infinity” as a keyword for the symbol.)


So this is the simplest method to add a shortcut without installing an external keyboard on your iPhone. You can try this method to create a shortcut for any such symbols or even the currency signs. Note that you have to give each shortcut a unique name. You can not assign more than one symbol with the same name.

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