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How To Have Text Read Aloud on iPhone?

How To Have Text Read Aloud on iPhone?

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With iOS 8, Apple had introduced a feature that allows you to hear the content of the screen. This feature works anytime, in any application. Be it a news portal or your social media page. You just have to set up the feature and then you can use it anytime you want.

Once done, you can make your iPhone read the content aloud of your screen just by swiping two fingers down from the top of the screen. You can use this feature on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 8 or above.

How to Have Text Read Aloud on iPhone:

  • Open the Settings menu

It is an inbuilt service on your iOS devices. It has a gear icon as its logo. Tap the gear icon on the home screen to open the Settings menu of your iPhone.

  • Go to General

Find the General option from the menu. It also has the gear icon as its logo. Tap on it to open the General Settings options for your device.

  • Tap “Accessibility”

This menu lists options that can help you access the features of your iPhone, which is especially useful when you are unable to do so (e.g., if you have a hard time viewing your screen or tapping on icons).

  • Select “Speech” from the options.

This will open more accessibility options, especially for those who depend more on hearing than visuals.  

  • Enable Speak option.

Tap the button at the right of “Speak Selection” and “Speak Screen.” Once you’re done, just exit the Settings by pressing the back button of your device; your changes will be saved automatically.

Steps to Make Your Device Read Your Phone Screen:

  • Launch Settings

Locate the Settings application on your device. Tap on it to open the Settings.

  • Make your device read

Once the Settings app is opened, Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the content of the current screen. A speak option pop up will appear on your screen and your phone will start reading the content from the top to bottom. For the Settings app, it will start speaking the Settings options from top to bottom as they are displayed on your device screen.

  • You can try the Speak function on any application by Swiping two fingers down on the screen.
  • You can make your device read your text messages as well. Double-tap on the texts you want your device to read aloud. It will display options of Copy, Speak and More on your screen. Tap Speak to listen to the text.
  • You can also make your device read the selected text by simply press and hold over the text. It will allow you to select the portion of the text on your screen. Once the text is selected, you will see the Speak option along with Copy and More options on your screen. Tap on Speak option to make your device read it aloud. This feature is helpful in reading the Web Pages’ content.
  • Stop the speech

When you are done with the speak function, you can stop the speech by tapping on the pause button, located at the center of the popup as “||” icon. It will stop your device from reading the screen.


So you can have your iPhone read the news, sports commentary, social media posts, etc when you are too busy to read them out or maybe when you are driving or busy with something else. You can also use this feature to get your iPhone read Wikipedia content for you.

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