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How to Find iPhone MAC Address?

How to Find iPhone MAC Address?

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If you have been trying to locate for your iPhone’s IP address and have not been able to locate it anywhere, it is probably because this information on your iPhone is mentioned as “Wi-Fi Address.” It is a unique identifier for all Network Enabled devices.

All devices only have one Mac Address, but can be given a variety of IP addresses depending on the network you are joining. Please note that your device’s IP Address does not determine your location. Your location is determined by the router that you connect. So when you are connected to a wireless network at your home, it is your router’s Mac Address that would determine your location. The general perception about the Mac Addresses is that they can be used to locate you or get the information about you. But in fact, Mac Addresses can only provide the details of the manufacturer of that device.

You will need your device’s Mac Address when you want to secure your wireless network by restricting the MAC addresses. Finding your iPhone’s Mac Address isn’t a tough task. Here are some simple steps to help you find the Mac Address of your iPhone.

How to Find iPhone MAC Address in Steps:

1. Launch Settings: Unlock your iPhone. Locate Settings in applications. It has the gear logo as its icon.

Launch Settings

2. Goto General: You will see many options related to the settings of your phone. Find and tap on “General“. It also has the gear icon.

Goto General on iPhone

3. Tap on About: Tapping on the General will show you a list of options. Find the “About” option and tap on it.

Tap on About

4. Locate Wi-Fi Address: About will display the information of your device. Locate the “Wi-Fi Address” from the list. This Wi-Fi Address is the IP Address of your iPhone.

Locate Wi-Fi Address

Now just enter this exact IP address as an allowed MAC address on your Wireless Network. The directions to connect through the IP address may vary because every router’s menu and interface are different. You can read and follow your router’s manual for further help. Once you have entered the IP address, you are ready to connect to the Wireless Network.

Now, go back to the Settings, select Wi-Fi and you will see your network in the list of available networks. Click on the network name which you want to connect to. It will only take a moment to Authenticate and Obtain your device’s Mac Address to connect to it.

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