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3 Best iPhone Spy Apps That Work With Two-Factor Authentication

3 Best iPhone Spy Apps That Work With Two-Factor Authentication

As a security feature for protecting your phone, two-factor authentication is a blessing, but as an obstacle to parental control or phone monitoring, a real pain in the neck. Not quite a lot of hacking tools can let you bypass two-factor authentication, and the ones that do can are like a needle in a haystack.

We know there are times when two-factor authentication can prove a problem more than a solution. And there’s so much noise in the space about how to bypass it, but it can be hard to separate the truth from false claims. Especially if you don’t have ample time and money to spare for the investigation. 

We’ve got you covered, though. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about two-factor authentication. You’ll get to learn how it works and how it can be bypassed. We’ll also share some of the best apps that can get the job done for you.

Let’s dive in!

How 2-Factor Authentication Changed the Game in the Spyware Market?


Not long ago, hackers needed to figure out just the Apple credentials of an iPhone to gain remote access to it. As a recent article on Forbes puts it, “… with the rise of sophisticated hacking techniques, passwords alone can no longer protect against unauthorized access and security attacks.”

But today, hackers are often running into an extra layer of security that makes it nearly impossible to install spyware on an iPhone remotely. “By adding extra layers of security to a user’s login process and requiring they enter two or more pieces of evidence (e.g., factors) to prove they are who they say they are, multifactor authentication is a great method for boosting protection against everyday threats like credential stuffing, phishing attacks, and account takeovers,” the article continues.

So, what exactly is two-factor authentication?

What Is 2FA and How Does it Work?

Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a relatively new security feature on all iPhones. It adds an extra means of authentication besides login credentials, hence the name two-factor authentication.

When set up, anytime there’s a login attempt, a text message with a code is sent to the registered mobile number or trusted iOS device to confirm that the login is being made by the real account owner. 

The phone number or iOS device needs to be active, though, and the owner needs to obtain the code and enter it on the login page.

It can be activated or deactivated at will, but it’s usually active by default in newer iPhones. Old phone models that still don’t have it yet are constantly bombarded by Apple notifications to do so. 

Also, 2FA can be applied to certain login attempts and not others – for instance, you can activate it for iCloud logins but not for iTunes logins.

Once it’s activated, it’s nearly impossible to log in to an account successfully without using the confirmation code.

Is it Possible to Spy on an iPhone With Two-Factor Authentication?

When 2FA was released, it put a whole lot of spy apps out of business. Many old spy apps could not cope with the complexity of the new feature, placing the burden on users to always provide the confirmation codes.

However, some apps do let you spy on an iPhone with 2-factor authentication, but they’re a high-tech rarity. 

Most spy apps simply don’t have the technological edge to cut through 2FA. Many claim so but rely on cheesy steps that decrease the chances of keeping the log in a secret. They may ask you to create a new iCloud account with 2FA deactivated for the target phone’s iCloud backup. But one can only imagine the series of changes and mix-ups that will bring on the target phone.

However, some leading spy apps have used this challenge to prove once again why they’re always leading the pack. They use highly sophisticated technologies to bypass both login credential requirements and 2FA.

Top 3 iPhone Spy Apps that Work With Two-Factor Authentication

Some spy apps were quick to adapt and gave users an easy way to beat 2FA. These are the leaders in the space with proven track records. 



mSpy is famed for its unrivaled collection of phone tracking features and broad compatibility. It lets you deploy state-of-the-art tracking functionalities on just about any iPhone, whether it has 2FA or not.

It has multiple installation modes, each suited to specific tracking needs but also designed to bypass 2FA on iPhone. Whichever installation you choose, 2FA will not be a problem for you with mSpy. 

There’s the iCloud installation option that gives you access to your target phone’s iCloud backup files. But you’ll need to go through 2FA just once. Once the first attempt is successful, you’ll be able to log into their iCloud anytime, anywhere, without ever having to face 2FA again.

You also have the jailbreak method, which is even better if you want wider access to your target’s data. Not only can you bypass 2FA with this, but you can also access categories of data not uploaded during iCloud backups.



eyeZy is another top-of-the-line spy app that comes with multiple installation options, including those for bypassing 2FA. Whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed a fast, seamless installation.

You can set up either the iCloud backup tracking or jailbreak tracking. Once done, you’ll be able to access your target’s phone data anytime, anywhere, without ever worrying about two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

Did You Know: eyeZy uses AI to analyze your target’s data and provide you with personalized insights.



With XNSPY, you get both remote monitoring and remote control features. As such, you can do a whole lot more when you choose XNSPY as a phone spy app that works with two-factor authentication. It works on both old and new iOS devices, but you may be required to jailbreak much older devices to set up the app.

Once you set up the app, you’ll have access to your target’s calls, texts, social media, browser data, location data, and lots more.

Plus, you’ll enjoy reliable technical support round the clock to unravel any situation impeding your tracking campaign.

However, not everything is perfect with this app. XNSPY is one of the more expensive phone spy apps on the market. So if you’re on a budget, this may not be the right app for you. 

How to Install a Spy App on a Phone with 2FA?

With our recommended spy apps, you can easily spy on any phone whether it has 2FA or not, regardless of your tech background. 

For this guide, we’ll be using mSpy, but all our recommended apps have a simple, straightforward installation process. Here’s how it usually goes:

For the non-jailbreak process:

  • Create your mSpy account, then choose a suitable subscription plan for iPhone monitoring with 2FA.
  • Set up mSpy on your phone, following instructions from your confirmation mail. 
instructions from your confirmation mail
  • Enter your target’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard. You’ll need to get the 2FA code, but this one time.
  • And that’s it. You can now log into your dashboard anytime, anywhere to check up on your target’s iCloud updates. In addition, you won’t ever need to go through 2FA when logging into their iCloud again.
mSpy dashboard

For the jailbreak method:

  • Grab your target’s phone for a moment and download a jailbreaking app like Cydia. These apps allow you to download apps not available on the App Store.
  • Get your mSpy account – choose the jailbreak version.
mSpy choose target phone
  • Follow the instructions in your confirmation email to set up the app. You’ll be downloading and installing mSpy directly on your target’s phone using Cydia or any jailbreaking app. 
  • That’s it. You can hop on your mSpy dashboard anytime, anywhere to check on your target’s phone data without ever having to pass through 2FA.
mSpy dashboard


2FA is designed to provide an extra layer of security for phones, but they don’t have to prevent you from tracking your loved ones to keep them out of trouble. Learning how to use an iPhone spy app that works with two-factor authentication can prove handy in a variety of situations.

Not all spy apps let you learn how to spy on an iPhone with 2-factor authentication, but we’ve done all the grunt work to find the right ones. Our recommended apps have a simple, straightforward installation process that lets you check up on your target’s iPhone activities anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about 2FA.

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