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19 Top Mobile Testing Tools for App Publishers

19 Top Mobile Testing Tools for App Publishers

If you want to keep high quality for your mobile application or mobile friendly website, advanced testing tools with profound experiences are mandatory. This post provides a comprehensive list of top mobile testing tools to enjoy a decent success in app marketplaces.

Everybody loves bug free mobile apps with high performance and excellent UX. Therefore, thorough and repeated testing is essential to winning the mobile application users anywhere and for any category of app.

Today mobile devices are posing unexpected challenges to the quality assurance team and their testers due to hardware as well as software fragmentations or inequality.

In due course, mobile app testers have to apply the latest app testing technologies, methodologies, and tools to deal with complexities of operating systems, different types of testing scenarios, diversity in network connections, carriers, and connectivity.

Technically, mobile testing falls into these general categories:

  • Functional Testing to check functionality
  • Performance Testing to test different types of performance parameters
  • Memory Testing to deal with mobile memory constraints
  • Interruption Testing to pass through various interruptions possibly coming in the real life scenario
  • Installation Testing to assure easy and smooth app installation
  • Usability Testing to check efficiencies, satisfaction, and effectiveness of application

For the sake of simplicity and comprehension, we have categorized mobile app testing tools in:

  • Automated mobile testing tools for mobile apps
  • Mobile web emulators and testing tools for mobile friendly websites and web applications
  • Cloud-based testing tools
  • Mobile performance testing tools
  • Mobile optimization testing tools

Let’s dive into more details about the tools themselves.

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Best Automated Mobile Testing Tools

#1: Keynote

Keynote Mobile comes with a large collection of mobile devices in its library and offers live and interactive testing.

It provides commercial tools for automated cloud-based functional and regression testing on mobile apps.

It supports a range of mobile OS including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and some wearable OS.

You can test your application on a range of mobile devices from smartphones and tablets to wearable and in-vehicle gear, including custom combinations.

It offers two free tools named Device Planner and Test Planner that support both development and testing of mobile applications.

#2: eggPlant

It is useful for:

  • UI Automation testing
  • UI functional testing
  • Image-Based Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Web Testing
  • Cross-Browser Testing

It is a commercial GUI automation testing product developed with a combination of eggPlant Functional TestPlant Mobile VNCserver services.

Technically, eggPlant Functional naturally run mobile tests using native gateway agents to connect live mobile devices or emulators directly.

Its image-based UI testing approaches is a natural way to test UX of mobile apps. It reduces the cost, time, and effort for cross-device and cross-platform mobile app testing.

#3: Ranorex

It is open source platform for UI automation framework for native mobile apps and Web Apps testing. It supports:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • GUI Testing, Web Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Cross-Device Testing

It is useful for Functional testing on native iOS, Android, the web, and Mono Touch devices.

#4: MonkeyTalk

Acquired by Oracle in 2023, it’s useful for iOS and Android functional testing.

  • It consists of three tools: IDE, Scripts, Agents.
  • Technically, IDE creates testing scripts with the help of record and playback
  • Scripts include keywords, syntax, and Java execution engines
  • It helps you to run various tests from Smoke test to data-driven test suits for native, hybrid, and web apps

#5: SeeTestAutomation

It covers four main testing areas:

  • Cloud for remote testing on online device lab
  • Automation tools to run the same tests on different devices
  • Manual testing on online device lab
  • Network Virtualization for simulation or emulation of real world network scenario for UX testing

It supports responsive UI testing and continuous integration environment.

Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools and Services

#6: Xamarin Test Cloud

It offers testing tools for cross-platform mobile apps, native iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It lets you run cloud-based automated UI acceptance tests.

It is a non-commercial open source tool for development and testing to maintain compatibility of mobile apps with the latest technologies.

#7: Remote TestKit

It supports cloud-based testing for iOS and Android mobile application on smartphones and tablets.

You can integrate the tool with different IDE for mobile development including Eclipse and Jenkins.

It is a commercial tool that supports automatic testing using Selenium.

#8: pCloudy

It is an Android testing tool with cloud automation support, useful for location-based applications in complex environments.

You can use it as a free tool with limited functionality or as a commercial framework for extended use.

It lets you analyze performance, CPU usage, network usage, and measuring memory consumptions.

Mobile App Distribution and Crash Reporting Tools for Developers

#9: Mobi

A commercial cloud service tool for bug tracking, crash reporting, visual feedback, and app beta distribution. It supports iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

#10: Crashlytics

It is an excellent open source platform suited for crash reporting, mobile analytics, and beta version distribution. Using this tool, you can perform real-time processing and in-depth integration of your workflow.

#11: UX Recorder

As its name suggests, this tool is ideal for UX and usability testing on iOS devices with different versions and models. It records user interactions on iOS devices and it is available for free.

Mobile Performance Testing Tools

#12: Dynatrace

It is built specifically for application performance monitoring and testing with the capability of continuous identification of issues in mobile applications.

It is a premium proprietary platform that support Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Overall, it is considered a cost efficient tool because it provides higher availability and high performance.

#13: NeoLoad

It is specifically designed for load testing and performance monitoring. Thus, it offers opportunities to enhance the quality of mobile applications taking appropriate measures.

It supports a range of activities including live monitoring, cloud integration, and real-world device integration for testing and other purposes. It also provides detailed reporting of in-depth analysis and data flow.

#14: Marlin Mobile

It serves dual purposes, mobile app testing, and mobile website testing. It is highly beneficial for e-commerce merchandise, financial institutions, and Ads agencies since it supports real devices to test.

It is a commercial tool that comes with support for testing on multiple devices, various operating systems and different locations.

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Mobile Emulators to Test Websites on Mobile Devices

#15: Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool

It supports different devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and wearable during testing. It also supports various mobile OS platforms apart from Android, such as iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and so on.

With the help of Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool you can make your websites or web application mobile friendly with high performance and better UX.

#16: Mobile Phone Emulator

Specifically designed mobile terminal to display and test mobile friendly websites. It supports multiple iOS devices, you can set both orientations, access various browsers and test different setups.

#17: MobiReady

You can check your website for iOS and Android-powered devices with the help of this tool. It allows you to use several testing parameters during a site or page test. You can access free reports and in-depth analysis as per industry standards.

Mobile Optimization A/B Testing Tool

#18: Taplytics

It offers A/B split and multivariate testing, with support for iOS and Android devices. It provides advanced analytics and custom segmentation during mobile optimization testing.

Mobile Defect Logging and Test Management Tool

#19: Snaffu

It is an in-app bug reporting tool that supports bug logging for Android devices. It has many useful features including crash reporting, video recording, annotated screen capturing, issue queuing, and many others. It can integrate with testing frameworks such as Selendroid and Appium.


We know mobile testing is not such an easy task, particularly due to advanced features, UX paradigms, and higher expectations of users. However, listed testing tools in this post may provide app developers and app testers adequate supports to win this tough game.

If you are an app entrepreneur or business owner seeking an app for you, consulting an advanced team of app developers and app testers may help you.

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