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mCloud Training

Our comprehensive training covers everything from Sales and Marketing to technical training on mCloud and OpenStack, so you’ll always have someone in your corner. 

mCloud Sales and Go-to-Market Training

We offer a complete and comprehensive Sales and Go-to-Market Training to all our customers to enable them to build successful cloud companies. Our strategies will give you the tools to customize our product to your own markets. Below is a sample agenda of this training.

Day 1


Intro to Training

  • About Morphlabs


Introduction to Cloud

  • What is cloud: Cloud vs. Virtualization vs. Bare Metal


How to Plan a Cloud Business

  • Hosting the cloud (public, private or both)
  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Cloud to complement or replace current offerings?
  • Cloud + PPP + Professional Services
  • Answering the “SLA question”
  • Staffing for cloud (sales, marketing, support)
  • Barriers, pitfalls and other “gotchas”

Use Cases/Ideal Deployments

  • In General: Apps and architectures suited for cloud
  • In General: Best practices for success in the cloud
  • Example: Application development and testing
  • Example: Web-facing applications
  • Example: Server consolidation


Open Source Cloud

  • History of OpenStack
  • OpenStack components
  • OpenStack-based technology providers
  • The future of OpenStack
  • How to participate


Qualifying a Customer

  • Managing expectations of cloud
  • Determining requirements (capacity, public v. private, specialized networking)
  • The challenge of “apples-to-apples” comparisons
  • Planning for expansion

Day 2


What is mCloud

  • Design philosophy (incl. Hyperdensity)
  • Where we’ve been ... and what we’ve learned
  • Architecture (standard, resilient, scaled)
  • Features/Benefits
  • mCloud and OpenStack
  • Demo


Morphlabs’ Role

  • Software support (description of issue types, L1-L3/L4 and escalation process, monitoring)
  • Pre-sales assistance
  • Professional services
  • Sales and technical materials

mCloud Messaging

  • Solution sale (not just infra or VMs)
  • Price points
  • mCloud vs. OpenStack (key differences)
  • mCloud vs. the competition
  • Available sales resources


The Sales Cycle

  • Initial contact/conversation
  • Identify client requirements
  • Demo and trial
  • mCloud proposal (architecture and pricing)
  • Order-to-”live” timeline (private vs. public scenario)


After the Sale

  • Familiarization
  • Product upgrades (requirements, process)

Day 3


Intro to Advanced / Technical Sales


How to Demo mCloud

  • User Management
  • Creating Projects
  • Security Groups
  • SSH Keypairs
  • Floating IPs
  • Launching Instances
  • Volume Management
  • Snapshots
  • Image Management
  • Monitoring and Usage Reports

How to demo mCloud (continued)

  • API
  • Networking
  • OpenStack


Advanced Technical Customer Qualification

  • Special technical requirements
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Technology “red flags”


Open Q&A

mCloud Dashboard Training Videos

Our team created a series of training videos to help you learn how to use the mCloud Dashboard.

Interested in learning how mCloud training can give you an edge in this ever-changing market?