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For mCloud Service Providers

mCloud Software paired with certified hardware from approved hardware vendors, make mCloud Solutions modular and scalable. This drastically shortens time-to-market, while minimizing start-up costs associated with R&D. mCloud Solutions also are able to scale modularly meaning there’s no need to reconfigure and rearchitect as you scale. mCloud Solutions also provide flexible options for Service Providers. mCloud Service Providers can deliver a variety of cloud-based services to their customers from isolated private clouds to scalable on-demand public clouds. 


mCloud Service Provider



Sell a Public Cloud

mCloud public cloud solutions provide high-performance, SSD-powered VMs that can be consumed on a pay-per-use basis. For service providers, mCloud public cloud solutions also include administrative tools such as built-in billing, that enables service providers to compete immediately, without having to worry about basic details.  And this is all done with keeping cost to a minimum - when factoring the cost of commodity hardware (optimized by us at no cost!), data center costs (power, cooling & space) mCloud Service Providers make over 50% margin when selling mCloud powered VMs.

mCloud Service Provider Architecture

   Service Provider Architecture

Morphlabs Enterprise Architecture

  Enterprise Architecture

Sell a Private Cloud

mCloud Solutions can be deployed as stand-alone, private clouds to meet Service Providers' customer needs. Customers such as Enterprises regularly require greater security and guaranteed performance in the form of isolated equipment. Utilizing the same certified mCloud building blocks, Service Providers can give their customers the ability to comply with regulatory or other requirements while delivering the same, powerful and cost-effective solution that public cloud customers use.  


mCloud Infrastructure Solutions are the foundation that enables service provider to expand their offering.  With cost-effective and powerful VMs, mCloud Service providers are well positioned to offer advanced services, such as platform- or software-as-a-service to their customers.  This makes hosted VMs using mCloud just a starting point and opens the door to other revenue opportunities for service providers.

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