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mCloud Use Cases

mCloud Use Cases are situational scenarios about how Morphlabs' mCloud Solutions delivers breakthrough results across various industries.

High Performance Computing in an Animation Workflow

Automating the many steps involved in producing an animated film is vital to working on time and on budget. But finding the right technologies—high-performance computing, significant CPU and I/O capabilities—has been costly and time-consuming. Morphlabs’ mCloud Solutions can change all that with an all-SDD fully-converged elastic private cloud powered by OpenStack.

Turbo-Charge DevOps

Today, the financial services industry is under pressure to innovate more rapidly than ever—while its processes and operations are under intense scrutiny. Flawless coordination between the often-warring camps of IT and Development is crucial. That’s where mCloud comes in: it bridges the developer/IT divide by enabling effective orchestration and management, empowering DevOps to move quickly within a safely-governed environment.

Rapidly Deploying Dynamic and Scalable Websites

Timely content delivery is crucial to the success of media companies with web-based assets. Finding cost-effective and agile IT resources that can power engaging and rapidly changing interactive experiences has never been easy—until now. mCloud Solutions hyperscale and automation capabilities enable media companies to quickly create templates (or “golden VMs”) that save time and money and ensure consistency while scaling out.

Classic Consolidation of Workloads

Is your data center an organically-grown mess of inefficient legacy hardware? Are you over-spending on managing depreciating assets? Do you dream of curtailing server sprawl? Replace your disparate systems with an mCloud Solution to streamline system administration, reduce costs, and boost compute power with the most energy-efficient, compute-dense, price performant cloud on the market.

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