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mCloud for the Enterprise

Morphlabs mCloud solution is designed to deliver high-performance computing in a flexible and scalable architecture. Enterprises can gain the benefits of a high-performance OpenStack cloud in a variety of deployment configurations. Regardless of how you start, mCloud lets you start small, so you never pay for capacity that you don’t need. 

Proof of Concept or Development Sandbox

If you want the flexibility of the cloud, but don’t want to make a large hardware investment, mCloud is the perfect solution for you. mCloud deployments can be done in as small as a single, 1U chassis that is ideal for evaluating cloud or a small, non-production environment.



        Project Server

Standard Architecture

         Standard Architecture


Production Applications

When deploying cloud-ready applications for production use, Morphlabs mCloud solution offers performance and price that meets most requirements. You have the option to deploy a variety of basic architectures or more robust configurations that provide resiliency of infrastructure components. Either way, an mCloud environment can be expanded as your needs change.


Enterprise Ready Architecture

The mCloud Enterprise Architecture is designed with 2 mCloud Controllers (MC) + 2 Compute Nodes (CN) + 2 Storage Nodes (SN). This configuration provides resilient architecture, which allows you to develop applications in a fault tolerant way.  

If your applications are cloud-ready and a more robust hardware infrastructure is a key requirement, you can start with this configuration and expand capacity as you grow.

Morphlabs Enterprise Architecture

     Enterprise Architecture


What are "Cloud-Ready" Apps?

"Cloud Ready" apps

  • are specifically designed to run in cloud environments
  • are able to be re-architected to manage performance (uptime, scale)
  • process-oriented architecture that allows the app to be broken into separately-running components

Hosted Private Cloud

Companies looking for cloud computing without the up-front investment in hardware and facilities can take advantage of the same power and ease-of use of mCloud in a hosted solution via one of our service provider partners.


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