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mCloud Solutions Solutions

mCloud Solutions are all built to scale. The OpenStack experts at Morphlabs have pre-tested and pre-certified hardware and software solutions that enable you to deploy mCloud to your scale. Every mCloud Solution starts with the mCloud Controller. Scale by adding an mCloud Compute Node and mCloud Storage Node, available in 100 vCPU and 15TB building blocks respectively. All mCloud Packages can be easily configured and are modularly scalable. Morphlabs operates in both the United States and Asia to ensure your packages are customized to your region in order to optimize your mCloud experience.

The demand for cloud hosting is real and exploding. More and more businesses see the efficiency and cost savings of moving their applications to the cloud. For service providers who are prepared to deliver a competitive cloud infrastructure solution, this is great news. Morphlabs has created an easy way to get a complete hardware and software solution so you can focus on business. Morphlabs cloud solutions are perfect for hosting companies, MSPs, and telcos who want to move the cloud immediately. Morphlabs solutions are unique with their complete systems approach. Next generation hardware architecture is integrated and optimized with mCloud – best-of-breed software building blocks.


Compete with the Competition on Price and Performance

If you want a cloud infrastructure solution that is competitive with the biggest and best from Amazon, RackSpace, and Google, it takes more than a little know how. It requires expensive cloud architects, years of R&D, integrating and load testing.

In short, it’s a complex process that takes time and money both of which you can’t afford to waste when other providers are already staking their claim to your market.

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience (and investment), and built mCloud® just for you.


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mCloud Solutions Features:

Morphlabs technical teams have designed, tested, and optimized mCloud Solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises, big and small. Start small or go big with a telco-grade cloud - we’ve got you covered.

Feature Comparison

See how mCloud stacks up against VCE, Bare Metal, and AWS.


mCloud Service Providers 

Our mCloud Service Provider partners offer a variety of cloud services, from a hosted private cloud to a OpenStack based public cloud. Morphlabs has mCloud Service Providers partners in the US and Asia. Our partners offer a wide variety of services including a hosted Private Cloud and an OpenStack based Public Cloud 5x faster than Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the US we are very excited to have a Service Provider partner like Media Temple. They have an unmatched reputation for customer service and support. In Asia we have two partners including Globe Telecom in the Philippines and Pratesis in Indonesia. Please visit our Partners page to learn more about our partners or to find out how you can join our partner program.

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