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Support Intro

Morphlabs understands the importance of enabling you to provide effective and professional support to your cloud service customers. We offer a comprehensive training program that will give your team the knowledge to manage as well as provide basic support and more advanced troubleshooting support to your customers.  Morphlabs also offers an expert training (required for all public cloud deployments) that goes beyond the courseware to include real-world, hands-on experience with the mCloud product from a cloud operator's perspective.



24/7 Support is mCloud Optimum

 mCloud Optimum Morphlabs supports the mCloud software 24 x 7 x 365 days of the year. This program offers a single point of contact for mCloud related software issues, as well as triage for hardware related issues, as they may arise. The mCloud support subscription also provides monitoring, upgrades, and hardware configuration maintenance, so that your deployment performs at maximum capacity. Morphlabs provides support for the mCloud software. It does not provide support directly for hardware, third party applications or your content. If Morphlabs determines that an issue is hardware-related, the Customer can obtain support from the hardware provider. Additional information regarding mCloud support can be found here: 

Technical Training and Documentation 

Morphlabs will provide training on the mCloud solution to the Customer. The training program will cover basic, intermediate and advanced content to give the Customer familiarity with using, resolving known issues and troubleshooting of more complex issues that may arise in mCloud. The Morphlabs mCloud training program will be hosted at a Morphlabs facility for three members of the Customer’s senior technical staff. The training is designed to develop internal mCloud experts within the Customer’s organization. Those mCloud-certified technicians will serve as the main point of contact for internal staff and the liaison between Morphlabs and the Customer’s support team on all technical matters related to mCloud. Upon request, Morphlabs will provide a proposed agenda for the training and coordinate all training activities with the Customer. In addition to training, Morphlabs technical documentation and user and administrator guides are available to the Customer. If available, additional documentation will be furnished to the Customer upon request.

Network Monitoring

 Network Monitoring The Network Monitoring System (NMS) is installed on each Master Node (MN) and monitors system health, with respect to network throughput, volume consumption, CPU utilization and memory utilization. Logs from all machines in mCloud Helix environments are centrally aggregated in the NMS, which sends threshold alerts to the Morphlabs support team. The Morphlabs support team monitors all alerts, and takes appropriate action. When you purchase an mCloud Helix, you must also purchase a one-year mCloud Optimum plan; any additional elements added to the mCloud deployment will also require mCloud Optimum support plan coverage at the time of purchase. Subscription is renewable on an annual basis. For more information please send us an email at

Get in touch with a support specialist.