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What is mCloud?

mCloud® is an OpenStack based cloud software that provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Service Providers and the Enterprise. Whether you're a seasoned cloud professional or just getting started, our turn-key solutions and systems approach make getting cloud for your business a OpEx decision not a CapEx decision.

If you want a cloud infrastructure solution that is competitive with the biggest and best from Amazon and Google, it takes more than a little know how. It requires expensive cloud architects, years of R&D, integrating, and load testing. In short, it’s a complex process that takes time and money - both of which you can’t afford to waste when other providers are already staking their claim to your market.

That’s why we’ve taken our years of experience (and investment) to build mCloud - just for you.


Our Systems Approach makes us different.

What makes Morphlabs different from every other open cloud software vendor is our complete systems approach.

We’ve deployed infrastructure at scale and from our experience, we’ve realized to deliver truly breakthrough cloud infrastructure, you have to start with the hardware.

mCloud Solutions are Hyperdense™ - maximizing every node for VM density and VM performance. mCloud Solutions achieve Hyperdensity by marrying mCloud Software with optimized and certified hardware from a variety of hardware vendors.

Our complete systems approach also allows for deployment with modular building blocks, eliminating scale-out complexity while radically simplifying deployment. 

Zero R&D, Infinite Possibilities

The demand for cloud hosting is real and exploding. More and more businesses see the efficiency and cost savings of moving their applications to the cloud. 

For service providers who are prepared to deliver a competitive cloud infrastructure solution, this is great news. Morphlabs has created an easy way to get a complete hardware and software solution, so you can focus on business. Morphlabs cloud solutions are perfect for hosting companies, MSPs, and telcos who want to move to the cloud immediately. 

Morphlabs solutions are unique in their complete systems approach. Next-generation hardware architecture is integrated and optimized with mCloud® best-of-breed software building blocks.

mCloud Hyperdense™

Each mCloud modular building blocks feature best-of-breed open-source software. mCloud VMs are deployed on an optimized hypervisor platform to deliver Hyperdensity. Hyperdensity enable these modular building blocks to maximize VM density per node and the performance of those VMs. We’ve architected and designed mCloud Solutions to be hyperdense so you can make more money and outperform the competition.

mCloud Hyperdense_v2-2

mCloud Dashboard

The mCloud Dashboard is the web-based, self-service interface of mCloud, used for managing your projects and users. 
mCloud Dashboard is the user interface and is the only non-OpenStack component. The Dashboard provides an optimised user experience for end user cloud workloads typically found in enterprises and service provider clouds. On top of the management tools the Dashboard also provides insight and reports for usage and billing. Storage is a combination of Nexenta and OpenStack Cinder. OpenStack provides a service for managing volumes which integrates with the Nova compute service. Nexenta provides a plugin that connects Cinder and a Nexenta server.


What tasks are good for mCloud?

mCloud is highly versatile and will accommodate many different use cases. Below are just a few of what mCloud is capable of doing for your company.


  • Environment scales to provide build and test agents when required
  • High-performance computes deliver increased build throughput
  • Fast, orchestrated cloud delivers efficient continuous integration environment

High-Performance Computing

  • High IOPS cloud environments with mCloud SSD-accelerated architecture
  • Cloud allows users to launch VMs, then de-provision when short-lived, but CPU-intensive tasks are complete
  • Reduced cost and increased productivity

Rapidly-Scaling Websites

  • “Golden” VMs streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Repeatable, rapidly-deployable VMs shorten time to respond to demand
  • VM templates improve repeatability and reduce time spent troubleshooting


Workload Consolidation

  • Consolidated architecture streamlines admin and reduces costs
  • Optimized utilization of hardware resources
  • Deliver self-service to users while maintaining control over environments and VMs

Learn more about mCloud Software by contacting our sales team.